What I Have Learned – May 10, 2018

Today is Thursday, May 10, 2018. I wanted to share something that occurred to me this evening. As I was winding down from my full day of therapeutic gardening, I was thinking to myself what I have learned that is different from before and how much I have changed since my son’s passing this past November.

Things that used to bother me are minuscule now. I take life in stride and let each day bring in whatever shall come. It’s almost like I’ve taken a huge step backwards, slowed down.

My pace has always been very fast and I rarely pause, always on the go. Nowadays, I’m in first gear. My mindset is much slower. Things don’t excite me like they used to. I can’t say if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just different.

bird-and-babies.jpgAs I was getting ready for bed and these thoughts were on my mind, it dawned on me that when my beautiful innocent son blessed me with his life, he gave me the meaning of life. And when my beautiful innocent son left me, he gave me the ultimate meaning of life.

After my son’s passing, I learned so many things about him that I never knew. So many of his friends, whom I had never met, shared with me a time when Chase made a huge impact on their life.

He touched so many hearts and helped so many heal in a very dark time they were battling. One young girl said he drove over an hour away and sat with her for 3 days because she was contemplating ending her life. She tearfully said if it wasn’t for Chase, she wouldn’t be here today.

Several people had similar stories. Chase got them through dark times in their scary hours or days. He was there for them.

It’s astonishing to me that I did not know this about him. He never came home and mentioned his life-changing tasks.

Chase shared his big loving heart with anyone who was willing to let him in. Those that didn’t, missed out. He wasn’t perfect, nobody is, but his heart was pure, solid, and real!

He graciously went out of his way to help others and would do anything he could to cheer someone up, to make their day happy.

He had no idea the impact he had on people’s lives and didn’t care if he was recognized. This is so precious to me. Many people will do something for others but expect something in return. He did not.

flower-rose.jpgAfter hearing all of these touching stories, I remember saying that in my 47 years of life I haven’t even come close to what my son accomplished in his 21 years. I can’t recall ever helping people the way he has. It’s beautiful!

Since his passing, I am starting to see life’s bigger picture. What are we here for? What is our purpose? How can we define what our life is about?

What I have learned is to take time to “stop and smell the roses.” Stop what you are doing and look at life around you. Open your eyes to your surrounding and the people who share the same air you breathe.

This is something I am developing within myself. When I go outside I focus now on the trees blowing and the way the sun shines against the clouds. I intently listen to the symphony of nature sounds around me. Close your eyes and smell the fresh air. Life is beautiful and precious!

We get so busy with day to day tasks and distance ourselves from the real meaning of what we are here for and who we are. Life is about love. Life is about caring. Life is about giving. Most importantly… Life is a gift! Enjoy each and every minute of it and make a difference!

God Bless All of Us,


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