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Elephants have been important to me for over twenty years. I have elephant pieces all throughout my house ranging from elephant bookends, elephant picture frames, elephant figurines, and  several small trinkets given to me from my son that are more special now than ever before.  I fell in love with elephants many years ago when I learned how loving and compassionate they are with each other.

Elephants are among the most intelligent creatures on earth. Their intricate consciousness makes them very capable of strong emotions. They are well respected in Africa and have a strong influence in their culture.

Elephants play a significant role as gardeners in Africa and maintain an important role with the biodiversity of the ecosystems they live in. As they roam through the forest they engineer pathways for smaller animals to navigate through. From these pathways, the leaves of the trees are shakened which disperse their seeds allowing more plants  to grow. Some of the species rely entirely on elephants for their primary seed dispersal.


My son became very aware of the problems elephants are now facing in Africa.  African Elephants are quickly disappearing from the wild and can be extinguished in a decade if urgent action isn’t taken. They are tragically killed illegally in several countries for their ivory tusks to be sold in a thriving domestic trade. African and Asian elephants also suffer from expanding human infrastructure which is causing their migratory routes to be affected.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because of the impact Save the Elephants had on my son. Here is my son’s Facebook post six weeks before he passed away:

Chase Fowler

“My “elephant pants” finally came in today that I bought in honor of Jasmine Seloff. She had so many pairs she would wear to work and I always wanted some but never came around to buying any because they were “too girly” but just recently they finally made a mens line. Well I got to help the save an elephant foundation and now I’ll always have something to remember you by. I just thought I’d share, I suck at these, we miss you.”

Chase wore his elephant pants practically every day and to this day, he is still honoring his elephant pants along with his World Series Houston Astros hat🙂  He loved his pants! He thought they were cool looking pants at first, but after Jasmine passed away they had a new and beautiful meaning to him.

Chase grew up learning about elephants from me and had great respect for these amazing creatures.

Chase’s Family with Elephant Pants on at Christmas 2017

I remember the day Chase called to tell me he bought a pair of the elephant pants. He was so excited when he found out a proceed from every single elephant pant purchased went to saving the elephants. It really touched him.

The Elephant Pants is an organization that began in 2014 that provides casual stylish clothing with their mission to save the elephants. They have donated $145,615.00 and sold more than 400,000 pairs of elephant pants so far.

The elephant pants are very affordable and super comfortable with the coolest, unique pattern and colors. They are handmade in Thailand with 100% lightweight wood pulp rayon. Some pants have a high long elastic waist which I think is very slimming.

chase group elephant pants

Chase’s Friends with Elephant Pants on at Christmas 2017

The Elephant Pants also have kimonos, loungers, shirts, cute elephant jewelry, and accessories. And best of all, when you buy elephant pants, each purchase contributes to saving the elephants!

The Elephant Pants Women’s tyke Harem Pants 

harem elephant pants

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The Elephant Pants Women’s Nellie Harem Pants 

blue-and-pink elephant pants.

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The Elephant Pants Black Diamond Loungers

elephant pants black

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The Elephant Pants Women’s Lydia Harem Pants 

maroon elephant pants

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The Elephant Pants Balarama Teal and White Harem Pants

teal elephant pantsCheck Price here


The Elephant Pants Women’s Kihari Yoga Pants

elephant yoga pants

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The Elephant Pants Women’s Rapsu Elephant Kimono Cardigan

elephant pants kimono

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The Elephant Pants Women’s Rapsu Harem Pants

elephant pants

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The Elephant Pants Women’s John L Sullivan Harem Pants

elephant pants blue

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