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Hi there, today is August 20, 2018, 9 months and 1 day since my boy left his physical body. I haven’t written in a while and I apologize.

This past month has been a very busy month for me in so many ways. I started a very small business, kristy’s kozy korner where I will soon be selling homemade Bath & Body products and crafty items.

There will also be a very special mini book available, “Inspiring Thoughts for a Beautiful Day.” It is filled with beautiful images of flowers and personal inspirational thoughts that coincide with what I have experienced these past 9 months.

My-bookThe corner room in my house has become my working domain. When you walk in the room, there is an aroma of multi types of handmade soaps and candles that fill the air. Today, I have the lovely scent of coffee and vanilla taking over.

It is great to use as many senses as you can all together. I turn on meditation music, light a candle, and get busy. It is very peaceful and the entire time, I think of Chase.

My desk has many pictures of Chase and I speak to him constantly. It is amazing how much I totally feel him reaching out to me and guiding me.

When I struggle with a question, I ask him for help and very soon, a thought comes into my head leading me to the answer. He is and always has been amazing. He leaves me gifts and messages constantly. Later in the article I will share an amazing one with you.

Another reason it has taken me a while to write, is something very personal, beautiful, and life-changing that happened to me a few weeks ago.

Many of you know that I read and adore James Van Praagh, a world-respected author and spiritual medium. He has saved my life and brought me out of the depths of the deep unknown.

I have learned that life on Earth is a lesson our souls volunteer to take to learn all kinds of circumstances that you can only encounter on Earth. The more lessons your soul lives through, the higher level you are in your spiritual journey.

meditation.jpgJames Van Praagh has a beautiful, loving gift and is able to understand spirits and communicate with them.

Evidently we all have this gift. It is simply our choice to nurture it. I am learning.

That little voice in your head and those peculiar and weird circumstances that you encounter are really your spiritual guides, angels, and deceased loved one’s helping you through your life journey on Earth.

I know this may sound crazy to some of you and possibly, hopefully inspiring to others. Trust me, I understand. 🙂

James Van Praagh was hosting a weekend event in Florida with an “Evening with Spirits.” The following day was a spiritual workshop where Van Praagh would be teaching many of his techniques to open your mind and learn how to communicate with your loved one’s and guides.

religion.jpgEveryone should attend one of these workshops. It changed my life and made me see the big picture of what life is all about.

There aren’t even proper words to describe how absolutely precious this weekend was. I was speechless, overwhelmed, and had a loving feeling of peace afterwards. I will be a better person from this!

The overall big picture is that we are all here to love each other. God is love!

chase-wooden-heart-smaller4.jpgOur words and thoughts are full of energy. What we say affects us as well as the person you may be speaking of even if they are miles and miles away.

Van Praagh mentions that negative words are like daggers to our personal selves and others. It is so important for us to try hard to keep our mindset positive. He states, “Everything is energy. Merely by thinking about someone, you are focusing and sending energy directly to that person.”

When you begin acknowledging this, you will notice very quickly how aware you are of your thoughts.

heart-hands.jpgA lesson he said to try is to say something loving and upbeat to someone, even to a perfect stranger.

Try it! It makes you feel so great inside. And you never know how much you will change that person’s day, possibly their life.

Something else I learned is that many spirits need closure when they pass. Van Praagh said he works for spirits, not for us. He is the mediator between the living and not living.

The majority of readings he experiences is when a spirit has something that needs to be said to the loved one on Earth. Sometimes the spirit won’t cross over until they get this task completed.

The “Evening with Spirits” was so incredible. My emotions and anxiety were at there peak. I wanted to cry with all the family members who were fortunate to experience communicating with their loved one.

The slow drive back to my hotel was very quiet. I wanted everything I had just experienced to get embedded in my memory. It was priceless!

My GPS sent me on a different route than before. This route took me down a street called “Chase St.” I knew it was a sign from Chase. He was thanking me for learning how to become closer to him.

tarot.jpgThe following day was a Spiritual Fair and Workshop. The fair had a handful of mediums available for readings.

Before I left on this solo excursion, I researched each individual medium and chose 3 that I felt I could  trust from their reviews and experience.

My plan was to speak to one in hopes of communicating with my son. I was very nervous and super excited.

The room was filled with all kinds of booths and vendors. It was very busy, not a place that I imagined a medium to do their magic. I guess when a spirit visits it doesn’t have to be quiet and tranquil. 🙂

crystals.jpgI casually strolled through the busy aisles peering at the names on the tables eager to find one of the mediums I had chosen.

Fortunately, I found one. He was busy at the moment and had a sign-up list so I wrote only my first name down. It was only a 15-minute reading but I will take what I can get.

The moment came when it was my turn. I anxiously sat down. He greeted himself and asked my name and birth date. When I gave him my name, he immediately wrote underneath, “Father.” I didn’t know what that meant and than he said, “Your Dad named you..”

My Dad did name me! My middle name is Shayle and my Dad proudly was the one who came up with that name. So the medium definitely got my attention…

hand.jpgHe asked to hold my hands and had a friendly comforting smile. I felt more at ease but was still hesitant and didn’t want to offer any information.

He proceeded to tell me that I was there for healing. I thought to myself, a lot of people who attend these types of venues are there for healing.. I wasn’t sold. 🙂

He spoke of the levels of healing I was experiencing and than he said something interesting. He said there were two losses, back-to-back, one right after another. He wrote down on his pad of paper, “Loss and right away another.”

Hmm… My son and…? I actually thought it might be myself, that the second loss was losing me.

He continued to write things down and the next was too sad to share. I know many family members read this so I will only touch lightly on this.

When spirits communicate via a medium, they typically validate their death. I knew this! I have read many books and watched readings on shows and have witnessed spirits validating how they passed. Why didn’t I think my son would do the same? Silly me… He did..

sad.jpgLiving with the loss of a child is hard enough. Hearing from them what they experienced is awful. I will never get over it.

The medium asked me if he should proceed and of course I said yes. I want to know everything, even if it hurts.

He knew this was going to be difficult. This is all I will share about this.

Next, he said my son is showing him a circle with pictures. Pictures of when he was a baby all the way through adult hood. The medium asked me if I had a frame of pictures of Chase in a circle. I said no but I knew exactly what Chase was communicating.

beach0012In the center of our house is a foyer with a tall narrow table. It has a lamp on it and a few pictures but not a lot.

It is now completely filled with pictures of Chase from a baby to his toddler years, teenager, and adult. The foyer is in the shape of a circle. Chase was showing this circle to the medium.

Chase spoke of how he hates to see me sad and that his passing was not on purpose. He kept showing his left forearm. The medium asked if he had a tattoo. He did not but I think Chase was communicating about his broken wrist when he was a kid. Another way of validating it is him.

baby-shoes-1814348__340There were several other remarkable things that happened but what is most profound is that the medium said Chase is with a baby, a baby boy. I was stunned! What?

Than it hit me like a brick… Chase’s girlfriend, Becca, had suffered a miscarriage the week of Chase’s passing. Two days prior to be exact. This precious little boy my son is with is his son, his little boy, my grandson.

I knew his girlfriend was going through this devastating experience and we communicated about it several times. When Chase’s passing occurred, with all the shock and disbelief, I completely lost insight to this special and precious loss.

The back-to-back losses the medium spoke of, “loss and right away another,” were the losses of my son and his own child.

father-2770301__340.jpgGosh, I can’t even write this without crying. It is so sad and so sweet at the same time. They are together.

There is a little soul I have never met but will one day!

I contacted Chase’s girlfriend and politely asked her what the name of her baby was and his birth date.

His name is Devin Wayne Fowler and his special day would’ve been June 12, 2018.

I love this little angel so much.

The feelings I have are indescribable. It’s so sad and so beautiful at the same time. I cried and cried about this. This little boy I never knew. He holds a very special place in my heart and I now pray for him and speak to him as often as Chase. I can’t wait to meet him!

cowboy-boots-1377068__340.jpgNext the medium said, “I see boots… lots of boots.” I immediately said, “That’s my Dad!” I felt uplifted and laughed with tears in my eyes.

My Dad validated it was him by speaking of my reaction immediately before he passed. My Dad said to the medium, “You didn’t have to leave angry.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

My Dad had been in hospice care with cancer and the hospice nurse informed us that he was very close to passing. We decided to individually have a private moment with him alone to say our goodbyes.

marigold2-1935782__340.jpgI held his loving hand telling him it was OK to go. It was OK to be with his Mom and Dad who are waiting on him. I surprisingly said to him that if my son beats me up there, to take care of him.

As soon as I said this, I stormed out of his room, ran down the halls of the hospital and out the door to be alone. This is why my Dad said, “You didn’t have to leave angry.”

I perceive this as my Dad joking around as he always did. He was always super funny and wanted everyone to laugh. They say they keep their personalities and humor even as spirits. 🙂

dream hug.jpgThe medium expressed heavy emotions and had to pause as he said, with tears in his eyes, “they are all 3 together and they have so much love for you,” my Dad, my Son, and my Grandson.

My short and brief 15 minutes was up. I could tell the medium wanted to keep on working with me but there were many appointments lined up.

I will never forget this experience in my life! My life has already changed and now more so.

aware-1353780__340.jpgNow you understand the delay in my communicating this experience. It was a giant emotional set-back for me and I had to soak everything in and let it become real.

I love little Devin, big Chase, and my comical awesome Dad so much! It was spectacular to communicate with them! I am blanketed with their Pure and Innocent Love!

I mentioned earlier that Chase leaves me messages and gifts, many Pennies from Heaven.

question-mark-2405207__340.jpgThe following days after visiting with the medium I constantly spoke to Chase about his little boy and what his name was. He needed a name. I was uncomfortable to ask Becca about something so personal and didn’t want to resurface any sadness.

Finally I asked her and she said she was undecided on 2 first names but knew his middle name would be either Wayne or Charles, the first and middle names of her Dad.

A couple days later I walked into my corner work room and saw something magical on my desk. I borrowed one of Chase’s pens the day before and look at the gift he left me.



My husband and I are the only ones in the house and by all means, we did not put the penny in the pen. Pretty awesome.

What is absolutely mind blowing is the name on the pen…

Like I said, my boy is quite amazing!

I will be back very soon!

Big Hugs,












8 thoughts on “Pure and Innocent Love

  1. I got chills reading this and tears of joy and sadness that you were able to experience this beautiful, magical moments! There is no doubt that Chase is always with you and he left to take care of his son.
    I drive by his resting place every morning and not a day goes by that I don’t say good morning and usually have something funny to say to him. It makes my morning!

    1. Aww that’s so sweet.. It makes me feel nice that they’re together and with my Dad.. My favorite boys 🙂 I love you share something funny with Chase to start your day. We know he is listening and eagerly waiting. That’s a perfect beginning 🙂 Thank you for your beautiful comment.. ?

  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful. A story, no a happening that I will cherish forever. A happening of pure and innocent love as you described. Tears line my face with sadness knowing Chase is not here with you but knowing a tender joy that he needs to be there.

    1. Thank you so much. I feel his presence all the time. He is a big part of my life just as before. Thank you so much for replying. It means a lot! He is missed but I know his love is with me…

    1. There aren’t even the right words to describe how much he is missed… He does his best to let all of us know he is with us.. Remember that. I thank him all the time and sometimes apologize when I’m feeling down. He is with us all the time. I feel him…

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