Tragedy Into Enlightenment

Today is July 9, 2018. It has been a very busy month for me. A very busy “mental” month. I feel like something is happening in my life that I am learning about daily.

My life took a devastating detour on November 19, 2017. The losses from that day forward have been tremendous. They seem not to cease.

dont-be-the-same-999247__340.jpgGrieving from the loss of a child is something that takes over every part of your world. Your life is suddenly a Before and an After with two heavy enormous bookends separating them. All of a sudden, you have no insight on who you are anymore or your future.

The Before Me could see or imagine my later years in life. My purpose was my son so my entire life revolved with him in my big beautiful picture. Now those thoughts have altered.

I continue to think of him constantly just as before. My thinking is now wrapped around wondering what he is doing in his spiritual journey. Who is he hanging out with? Who are his teachers and guides? What is he learning? I know he is very busy.

I still can’t wait for the day my son and I are together again. Death has never looked so peaceful to me. I have absolutely zero fear! It will be awhile though so I will continue to journey through my human experience.

As I continue to get to know the new After Me, I will nurture a positive lifestyle to the best of my ability.

fear-quote-1444099__340.jpgAs many of you are aware, I have read and continue to read books about spirituality and the afterlife. The only way I will ever see my son again is in a visitation  dream. I will do anything and learn anything to see him again.

The more I learn and understand life after death, the better chance I have of holding my boy, hearing his voice, and seeing him smile.

These books have completely saved me! I can’t say enough of how they brought me out of the darkest desperate months immediately after losing my son. The thought of losing him entirely was incomprehensible.

wish-for-a-better-life.jpgThese books, which I have listed in this website under Helpful Posts, have opened up a whole new experience in understanding what happens to our spirit when we pass on.

Death does not end life. There is no death. Our soul continues to progress and live in spirit. When we are here on earth, we have a personal life lesson to achieve and when our soul is in spirit, we have a life-long journey that never ends and continues to grow as well. It is beautiful!

I have opened my mind and heart to this learning and healing. I feel so close to my son and I know he is so happy I am learning this. I had the most beautiful visit from Chase recently in a dream and it was so real. When I think of him now, I think of how he looked in this visitation dream.

light-the-world.jpgI witnessed his big happy smile. I heard his voice and laughter. I saw his long pale arms (he never tanned well 🙂 ), I observed his unique walk, his long fingers that resemble his Dad’s, and I got to hug him!

That moment is embedded in my heart forever and I think about it all the time. It was amazingly beautiful. He even teased me in the dream which is exactly his character.

Every night when I go to sleep, I wake up around 3:30-4:30 and in the tranquil stillness of the night, I read my Spiritual Books. When I become tired, I lay in bed and speak to my spirit guides and Chase asking them for guidance and comfort.

Since I started doing this, I am beginning to see my future again. I am following my intuition which I now know are my guides sending me down the path that is laid out for me.

Chase holds my hand all the time and I know without a doubt he is with me and helping me live every day. When I ask for advice, something seems to fall into place.

Last week as I was doing my therapeutic gardening, something told me to write a book. I have pondered over this but I don’t feel I am quite ready to write a long book…yet!

dream-it-do-it-1460228__340.jpgWith that in mind, another thought came to me to write an Inspirational book. I thought about this the rest of the day and evening. The next day, “Inspirational Thoughts for a Beautiful Day” was written.

As I wrote, I began to cry deeply. I cried and thanked Chase and my guides for directing me and encouraging me. I couldn’t have written a book without them.

I have never done something that felt so intensely right. That this is where I should be at this time.

I am embarking in a whole new arena in my life. One I never thought in a million years I would accomplish. I owe all of this to embracing my intuition and learning how amazing and beautiful the afterlife is. Our loved ones who have passed, surround each and every one of us constantly while we are here.

The inner voice you hear, the sudden thought that enters your mind, and the sixth sense we encounter at times is them helping you.

When a person happens to enter your life, a job falls in your lap, or a circumstance that works out or doesn’t work out, is not just a coincidence. It is real and from a very trusting source.

It is up to you to wrap your arms around this or not. They can change your life in a remarkable way. Let them guide you.

inspirational-2117045__340.jpgThe Stages of the Grieving Process are beginning to look different to me. Acceptance and Depression will not be a part of my life.

I will not allow myself to get depressed and no way will I accept my son to be gone. He is not gone so how can I feel that way. He communicates in his special way letting me know he is with me. Yes his physical body is not present but his soul strongly remains!

For any grieving person who is reading this, let me encourage you to nurture and understand that our loved ones still exist. We can’t see them but they see us and are constantly communicating with us. Let them know you are listening!

I have listed all the books I have read so far in my grieving journey in Grief Books and will continue to update accordingly.

God Bless You and Every Day Moving Forward,

Kristy Laurel

I Love You Chase!







2 thoughts on “Tragedy Into Enlightenment

    1. Hi Liz, thank you so much! I’m glad you found something in the article that I hope has helped you. I’m learning more every day about our loved ones path on the other side. It’s very inspirational and something that can help us as we grieve the tremendous loss of our loved ones. This education has been a life-change for me… In a positive way!

      Lots of Hugs to you Liz and thank you for your generous support!


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