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The feeling we get when we look at a beautiful flower is one of inner peace. It’s an enveloping feeling that’s difficult to actually put into words. It brings instant peace, sensitivity, and a comforting sense that everything is OK.

roses-1868669__340.jpgIt’s no wonder there are so many people with beautiful flowers in their yards.

We give bouquets of flowers on special occasions, office buildings fully landscape their front entrance with exquisitely landscaped gardens, and we bring bright colorful flowers to people in the hospital to bring brightness to their stay.

I am someone who has been through a huge loss as we know, and can’t tell you enough how nature, lovely flowers, beautiful plants, and simply being outdoors has carried me through my grieving thus far. God certainly knew what he was doing when he created these beautiful species!

painted-lady-1568926__340.jpgBefore I go to bed at night, I go through pictures and look at all the beautiful flowers images to promote a positive energy in my soul. I recently realized some are actually extinct. 🙁 There are a just a handful of arboretums who have the species to cherish.

Enjoy looking at the Beautiful Flowers. I certainly do!


Jade Vine

The intricate tender petals on the Jade Vine resemble a cat’s claw or the beak of a parrot. The uniqueness of this flower is the stunning turquoise blue colors that resemble the Caribbean Sea. These petals cascade down the trailing vine showcasing dozens of spiraling blooms.

The Jade Vine’s habitat is threatened due to the Philippines destruction of the Rainforest. The meaning of the Jade Vine is of purity, protection, wisdom, and healing.




The South African Gazania resembles the petals of a daisy but with more colorful striped detail. The gazania is treasured for its various bold stripes of assorted colors on one single radiating petal. They thrive in the hot summer months. The Gazania is also called the Treasure Plant.




The Lisianthus is a very attractive native plant to Texas and Mexico. The delicate petals double in form and can be white, lavender, pink, and purple. The blooms look like a mix of the petals of a rose and tulip, stunning beauty! The meaning of the Lisianthus is of an outgoing nature, gratefulness, and rising above.




The Lotus flower is a very unique plant because it actually grows in dirt and mud. The flower stretches and rises above without any trace of its surroundings. It has beautiful delicate petals that radiate from the center and come in a variety of colors around the world. The lotus flower symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening.




The Proteus is a very unique flower and one of the most ancient flowers in history dating back over 300 million years ago. The blooms of the lotus are strong and thick as well as its stalk, no wonder it survived so many years. 🙂 The Proteus symbolizes, transformation, courage, strength, and diversity.



Sea Poison

The Sea Poison comes from native trees on the coasts of Asia and Australia. It produces soft, delicate strands that are tightly packed together. Yes, all parts of the tree are poisonous. In the Philippines, parts of the plant are made into a paste and used to paralyze fish to catch them. It is symbolic of underwater creatures.



Night Blooming Cereus

The Night Blooming Cereus is one plant that demands attention. The plant itself sits in the desert and resembles a dried up looking bush. When rain finally visits and quenches its thirst, it proudly allows its brilliant blossoms to open but only after the sun has gone down. How cool is that? The Night Blooming Cereus symbolizes great beauty when things seem the darkest.




The Delphinium is a herbaceous plant that has a gorgeous showy cluster of flowers with varying colors but mostly blue, yellow, and purple. Many years ago the delphinium was used to make dye in Europe. The plant is toxic to humans so keep your distance and admire the beauty from afar. It is symbolic for loyalties or bold statements.





The radiant hydrangea combines many star shaped closely packed flowers to form a pompom. These ball-shaped blooms last a long time and are beautiful as dried blooms too. Its colors can be blue, white, pink, and purple. The hydrangea represents vanity, earnestness, heartfelt desire, and boastfulness.

hydrangea-377429__340 (1).jpg


Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is an exotic stunning distinctive flower that will make stop and look. It resembles a bright colorful bird’s beak. You will see these flowers in vibrant colors of pink, yellow, orange, purple, white, and blue.

The Bird of Paradise symbolizes perspective, freedom, magnificence, faithfulness, royalty, optimism, and great appreciation.




This exquisite looking flower on the Crocus has one vibrant proud bloom with multi layered petals that are shaped like a cup. It is one of the earliest flowers to bloom after a cold winter to let us know Spring is near. Crocus have been seen peeping through powdery white snow, how beautiful! The Crocus symbolizes cheerfulness.



Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom bloom comes from a Japanese tree and has multi-layered, soft pink and white fragrant petals with separated spikes radiating from the center. The Cherry Blossom symbolizes power and represents dominance and feminine beauty.





The Hibiscus flower has over 200 brilliant species and is native to the Pacific Islands, Asia, and sub tropical climates. This radiant flower comes in a huge variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and colors. Some petals are single layered while others can be shaped like a vibrant trumpet.

There are 5 petals on a hibiscus flower that represent five types of happiness, duty, unity, and peace. The Hibiscus symbolizes femininity, personal glory, and in Victorian times, the giver was acknowledging the receiver’s gentle and delicate beauty.



Morning Glory

The Morning Glory is a climbing vine with heart shaped leaves. It is another special flower; when it shares its vibrant star shaped flower, it only lasts a day. The Morning Glory symbolizes affection, love, and mortality.



Bleeding Heart

The Bleeding Heart has a whimsical dramatic heart-shaped bloom that trails up and down the stem. The bold colors are pink, red, or white and typically enjoy the shade. Bleeding Heart is a symbol of undying love, rejected love in Eastern cultures, compassion for all life’s creations, a strong connection.



Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley is commonly known for its extravagant fragrance. The dainty delicate white bell-shaped flowers make it almost impossible to believe it is poisonous. Legend has it that the tears Mary shed at the cross turned into Lily of the Valley.





Plumeria’s are actually fast growing tropical trees that produce masses of sweet fragrant beautiful flowers of various colors. They are known for the creation of the Hawaiian lei. The plumeria loves volcanic soil and tropical climates. The meaning of the Plumeria is grace, charm, beauty, and new beginnings.




The Dahlia flower is the national flower of Mexico. The brilliant spiky florets form a large blossom and the hues range from red to bronze and purple to white. The unique meaning of the Dahlia flower is that of a warning, instability, survival, elegance, and dignity.




Marigold is a very popular beautiful rich golden orange, yellow, and white flower. Some have a maroon outline bringing out their beauty even more. The meaning of the Marigold carries a positive meaning but also has been perceived to symbolize cruelty, jealousy, grief, sorrow, and death.




The Hyacinth has a single dense vibrant flower ranging from yellow, red, orange, blue, violet, and white. The lush bulbous flower forms a thick spike. The Hyacinth represents sports, playful play, games, and rebirth.





The Carnation is the national flower of Spain and is popularly seen showcasing its soft layered blooms in flower arrangements. Carnations come in many varieties of colors and some have multiple colors making them even more beautiful. The Carnation symbolizes love, remembrance, innocence, and good luck.




The Rose is probably one of the most popular and loved flowers of all. It ranges from so many colors with over 100 species. The petals radiate with layers of sometimes various colors and has an amazing aroma. The symbolic meaning of the rose is as beautiful as the flower: mature love, friendship, joy, purity, peace, and a secret admirer.




Lavender flowers are composed of multiple, deep purple-blue spike-like flowers on narrow long stems. They are known for their healing properties, beauty, soothing aroma, and have been respected for centuries. Lavender’s meaning is purity, devotion, grace, calmness, caution, serenity, and devotion.




Chrysanthemum’s are beautiful full daisy-like blooms with one row of petals around a central core.  Other Chrysanthemum’s blooms are doubled and resemble pom-poms.

They are very popular cut plants for bouquets and boutonnieres. The lovely meaning of the Chrysanthemum is cheerfulness, long friendship, supportive family, recovery from a challenge, the birth of a child, and loyalty.




Orchids have been highly admired for centuries and are the largest blooming flower family with over 100,000 varieties and over 25,000 species. The delicate long-lasting blooms of the Orchid range in size and have a wide variety of colors. The Orchid’s meaning is of love, charm, thoughtfulness, fertility, beauty, and refinement.


Feel free to share your beautiful and favorite flowers. I encourage comments. 



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