Signs From Heaven

Have you noticed seeing pennies or coins in unusual places after a loved one has passed? Or as you’re thinking of your loved one a song suddenly comes on the radio that was his favorite? Before my son passed away, I didn’t pay much attention to these stories. I always thought it was just a coincidence and there was a logical reason behind a story that seemed too unbelievable.

I remember My sister-in-law telling me a story about her friend who had lost her husband. She was saying how she kept finding coins around the house and knew they weren’t from her. So she looked this up online and read how our loved ones leave Signs From Heaven to get our attention.

After hearing this I felt kind of bad because my Dad had been passed away for many years and I thought “Oh my goodness, he has probably been trying to say hi for years!” Lol

The following day I was doing laundry and whepenniesn I opened up the door to the dryer, low and behold, there were five pennies in a row lined across the lint holder. I smiled and said, “hi Dad!” He probably said, “It’s about time!”

Spiritual Visitation Dreams

Spiritual Visitation Dreams are a very common way for your loved ones to visit you. These dreams are very different than normal dreams and are vividly real! I’ve read that they are usually surrounded by a white bright light. You will know it is different than a normal dream and very surreal. It has meaning.

dream hug

These dreams are meant to leave a message. They want us to know they are OK and made it to the other side. Depending on the circumstance of the person’s death, they will appear very healthy and beautiful.

I want to believe I was visited by my son in a dream I recently had. I actually ask him every night to visit me in my dreams. As a parent, we want so badly to see our child again, to hold them, see them laugh.

This dream I had was very brief. He was surrounded by a white background and wore red plaid pajama pants. My son was known for dressing very casual, lol. We called it, “Chase Casual.” He looked great! So handsome.  I tried to hug him but I couldn’t. There wasnt any communication but the message I felt, to me, was that he was OK, healthy, and made it to the other side safely.

Unusual Electrical Activity

Through all existence is energy and when our loved one passes, they are pure energy. They learn how to control energy and believers think they actually have fun with it. They may flicker lights, turn something on or off like a radio, make noisesunknown phone call through phones, and cause static on the TV or over the phone.

Playing a song on the radio that is meaningful to you or your loved one is a favorite way for them to send a message.

There have been stories of people receiving odd phone calls immediately after a deceased loved one passes. There is no voice on the other end of the line. Usually silence or static. But this could possibly be a sign your love one is near.

Two days after my son passed away I kept hearing static while on the phone. I had heard that spirits get our attention this way and, of course, I wanted to believe it was him. I happily responded, “hi Chase, I know that’s you.”

Later that day I was talking to my sister and I heard the static again, than suddenly, I heard music, rock music through the phone line.  I frantically reached for a pen and paper to write down any lyrics and find out if their was any coincidence to this happening.

The evening before we stayed up late gathering photos of Chase and also his favorite songs for his ceremony. Sure enough, the song I heard through the phone was the last song added to his song list. Crazy huh, and so awesome!

I Can Smell You

Did your loved one wear a specific fragrance, smoke cigarettes or cigars, or was known for baking a signature batch of cookies? If you suddenly smell a certain aroma smokeand it reminds you of your loved one and nobody is around, chances are it is him saying hello and you’re experiencing a sign from heaven. I, personally haven’t smelled anything that reminded me of my son. I can only imagine what aroma he would send me. 🙂

Spirit Communications

When you randomly find a penny or a coin, chances are it isn’t just a coincidence, especially if the date on the coin has any significance. As mentioned before, your loved one may place coins in your path hoping you will stumble upon them. Why can’t it be a silver dollar! 🙂

These special spirit communications come in a variety of ways so keep your keen eye open and enjoy the message from your loved one.pennies from heaven

Numerous friends and family have found pennies in inconspicuous places these past three months since my son has been gone. I made a little comment to everyone to be on the lookout but not truly believing it would happen. To this day I get messages from people saying Chase left them a penny. It certainly makes me feel good.

One day, a hard freeze was coming in. I urgently drove to the cemetery right at day break to retrieve his cactus at his site. As I was running through the freezing rain, I thought to myself, I wonder what Chase is thinking watching me run in my slippers to fetch cactus! As I gathered all the planters, the last one I picked up had a shiny penny underneath it! Believe it or not? I believe he was laughing and thanking me for saving his cactus. 🙂

Unusual Animal Behavior


Has a bird all of a sudden landed right in front of you, or land on your window pane and peer inside? Or has an animal looked intensely at you in an unusual way that made you wonder why?

I haven’t experienced this but after the loss of my son, his Dad was hunting and a beautiful giant bald eagle landed on a tall tree with no leaves. It then took flight and soared right in front of him for several minutes. Yes, it could be a coincidence but unusual animal behaviors are a form of communication from our loved ones and could be a sign your loved one was near.

If you have experienced signs your loved one is near, feel free to comment below. I am happily open to discussion. 🙂


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Blueberry with heart

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9 thoughts on “Signs From Heaven

  1. After my Shane took his own life I always find dimes all ova. 3 days after he left his Stepdad got a txt asking how he was….letting him know he was ok. His Stepdad txt the number back n the txt went to one of the boy’s phone…
    He kept saying Dad I didn”t txt u. But. His Stepdad said it is ok….i kno who it is.
    The day he left us..
    I was in living room all of sudden this breeze was in the house n knocked down all the napkins…. I said I kno this is u. Shanie. There is so much that hapened when he left…I am still putting it all together. Until we meet again.
    My Son….Shane Stewart
    Always in my ❤
    Forever surrounded w/Love…

    1. Wow that is an incredibly awesome sign from Shane. It gave me chills! That’s amazing! I will definitely share that. I love it!

      When our boys leave signs it makes our whole day. I keep all my “Pennies From Heaven” in a container. It is quite full. They are cheering us on and letting us know they’re always with us and that they are ok and doing well.

      I’m so glad that you are aware of the “signs.” Can you imagine if you weren’t and Shane kept trying to communicate with you and you were oblivious? That would stink. You’re a great Mom! He loves you so much!

      You made me cry earlier and now you warmed my heart! Thank you ? Please continue to share your signs with me. I love hearing them. ?

      Bless you Sweet Lady and Happy Holidays. I know these are tough times for us. I’ll be thinking of you and your family ?

      Much Love, Kristy

  2. About twenty years ago, my grandparents were brutally murdered. Her face was messed up and it was hard to see. I kept having nightmares of her face being beaten. About three weeks later after the funeral, I had a dream I was on a cruise ship (I had no idea why I was on the cruise ship) and a line of very old people were dancing with flowers all over their hair and around their necks. They were laughing, dancing, singing…and then I saw my grandparents dance by. My grandmother said, “We are just passing through….I am having a great time…I love you.” And she danced away. It was real. It really was.

    1. That is soooo beautiful! It was them telling you they are ok.. It’s easiest for spirits to visit us in our dreams. I’ve read to be sure to ask them to wake us up so we can remember the dream.. The visit.

      I hope that brought you peace moving forward. I’m so sorry to hear about such a horrific loss. Gosh! Know they are dancing and singing and have been for years..

      My son has visited several of his friends in their dream and done or said some cute things. Very brief. It’s beautiful to know they are ok and enjoying themselves..

      Thanks for sharing. I loved hearing that beautiful communication your Grandmother sent you..

      Much Love,

        1. She wants you to remember her that way. It sounds like it helped you. You telling me how beautiful she looked is exactly what she wants you to think about. I think it’s lovely. I told your story to my sister and she loved it. It’s so amazing how our loved ones are always with us and visit us often. It has helped me wake up every day and still feel alive. I know my boy is with me and I will see him again. Hopefully he is happily dancing like your grandparents. 🙂

  3. Kristy, I have a few stories, two about Chase and one about my Dad. Just a few days after Chase’s funeral I had a dream about Chase. It was very short and started out as a cloudy day with a tree swaying in the background. Then all of a sudden a bright light shined through the tree and I just automatically called “Oh Chase”; in a manner of despair and what happened? I did not see him, just the light, but he replied “I am OK “ and everything was calm again.
    Also, I stayed with Jackie over Thanksgiving and the funeral and we left for home that next Tuesday. Jackie said I we were leaving that she saw the penny I left in their master bathroom. I replied, I saw it, but that was not me.
    My Dad died a couple of weeks before Christmas one year. I had already decorated our tree, which was in our den. A few days after his funeral I found one of the ornaments from the tree on our kitchen island. I questioned Clif and Cara and both said they had not put it there. I just smiled and said to Daddy, “I know you are messing with me! And Thank You”.

    1. Wow that gave me chills! I love hearing stories like that. I’m so glad you are aware of our loved ones communicating with us. Chase visited three people his first week after passing. I hadn’t heard your story before. It is awesome! Get the penny from Jackie, it is special. 🙂 I have a small Elephant container I keep for my Pennies From Heaven from Chase. I hope he has a lot of pennies! 🙂

      The Christmas ornament your Dad left is so sweet! I bet it’s your favorite ornament now. It is very special.

      Thanks for sharing your beautiful stories! It made my day!! 🙂

      Lots of love Cindy

      1. When the hard freeze recently visited Houston I ran out to Chase’s sight early at daybreak before the cold weather snap came in to get all of his cactus. As I ran to his site it started sleeting. I was in my slippers and I was wondering what Chase was thinking watching me run to his site in the freezing rain to collect cactus! It was quite comical.

        I gathered all the small containers and put them in a bin I had brought and left the large one until last. As I picked up the large cactus, underneath was a shiny penny! 🙂 I smiled and knew he appreciated me saving his cactus. I also knew he was laughing at me thinking I was crazy!! I am!

        Thought I would share that.. 🙂

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