Healing With Nature


In one of my recent articles, Hurdle of Life, I mentioned how being outside with the colorful flowers, singing birds, warm sunshine, and gentle breezes was starting to make me feel like I am above water and not drowning.

Through this difficult process, it is easy to become isolated and deeply depressed. I am fighting against that and feel I can live with this life-long process in a different light. It’s not like I have a choice so this has been a comforting mindset.

bird-nature-3354329__340These past couple weeks I’ve noticed a difference in my healing. Not until today did I capture exactly what was going on as I was beginning to write this article on Healing With Nature.

Visiting my son’s site and bringing him fresh flowers every week started this type of healing.

I purchased several floral water vials and each week, I put a fresh flower in each one and align them throughout his special site.

These vials are 3 inches long and at the top, there is a half inch hole to hold the flower in place. At the bottom is a pointy hard piece of plastic to enable you to stick it into the dirt if need be.

They can also be used in arrangements and center pieces. I wish I knew they existed many years ago!


When I visit his site throughout the week, I always replace the vial with fresh water and give the flower stem a little snip to prolong its life and beauty. Doing this makes the flowers stay fresh for at least a week and many times longer.

You are probably wondering why I am mentioning this pruning routine I endure. 🙂 I began to notice how much better it makes me feel when I do this.

I look very forward to visiting my boy and I feel like a Mom taking care of her son when I am there. I clean his living area, as Mom’s do, and nurture his surroundings. It makes me happy and I feel Chase appreciates it too. I will always take care of him.

As I am doing this, I am talking to my son and asking him about his new life and what he is learning. I also tell him about things I am going through and dropping hints for advice on my future, and present. 🙂

two-blue-birdsThis whole time, I hear the beautiful sounds around me. The wind is always blowing through my hair and when I look around I see this green and colorful landscape of plants, trees, and flowers.

It is Mother Nature at her finest! I feel so close to God when I am there. My present life pauses and all I encounter is the meaning of life. It’s so lovely.

Nature and Depression

gazebo-3404746__340.jpgNature has an incredible healing quality! You can’t find medicine in a bottle. It is found in your back yard, on your porch or patio, at the ocean shores, in a deep forest or woods, a park, anywhere outside.

Immersing yourself in the beauty of the outdoors has incredible healing experiences.

According to numerous studies, people who engage in the outdoors have lower levels of stress because stress causes an increase in a hormone called cortisol. Being outside in nature makes your body produce lower levels of cortisol, so less stress.

Nature and the Heart

evergreen-tree-3234107__340Evergreen trees are found all over the place. Little did we know they release a compound called pinene. Pinene has been known to reduce heart rate, anxiety, and stress from the natural oil in its leaves.

The woods and forest are filled with these evergreen trees so take a deep breath of fresh air next time you’re outdoors.

Nature and Anxiety

Being out in nature can also be a great help with our internal control system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. When your body is anxious, stressed, or feels threatened, the sympathetic system kicks in and releases harmful hormones in our body. Cortisol is one of them.

When your body is calm the parasympathetic system takes over and relaxes the body. We need to have more of this in our daily routine for our health. Being outdoors has a huge impact on the parasympathetic system.

Nature and Illness

hinoki-944147__340.jpgAnother neat tree that promotes beneficial health is the cypress tree called Hinoki. In the U.S. it is called the False Cypress or Japanese tree.

The oils from this cypress tree, tell our body to produce more immune killer cells which fight illnesses and diseases. If you have this tree, think twice before asking someone else to rake the leaves. 🙂

Nature and Sleep

The sun can get very warm but it brings great qualities too. When you are outdoors during the day, the bright daylight resets your sleep rhythm, the diurnal rhythm. This helps with people suffering from insomnia, which can lead to depression.

The glowing sun also provides us with Vitamin D which is a super vitamin and reduces risks of cancer and other wonderful benefits.

Mother Nature brings sunshine and new life. When we encounter our darkest hours, she is there waiting for you to notice her and accept her beauty and love. Sometimes it takes time to see her, but she will always be there, waiting to embrace you.

flower-rhododendron-3406234__340.jpgSpring time came at a very important time in my life. I have never bought so many flowers for my back yard. It is the most colorful it has ever been.

When you become aware of your outdoor surroundings and appreciating its abundance, you begin to see nature as a close friend and guide. It reduces loneliness and provides comfort and healing. I recently said that Mother Nature was my new best friend. 🙂 She is always there to comfort me.

I hope you enjoy learning about Nature and Healing and the powerful affects it has on your mind and body. If interested, I provided a link below with the small flower vials I mentioned above, the Pinene Oil, Hinoki Essential Oil, and the highest rated Essential Oil Diffuser.




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