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This article is going to be somewhat different from other articles I have written. I want to begin by saying I am no psychic, no medium, nor do I have special powers with the deceased. I am a Mom who lost her son and wants to know what he is doing now just as before. This will always succumb me.

aware-1353780__340.jpgEach and every one of us is a spirit. Of course, we are physical spirits now. We all have personal achievements here on Earth that will enhance and further our growth in our spiritual journey.

Many details of near death experiences are similar to what spirits convey about the events that follow immediately after passing. Most of them have an overwhelming sense of peace and realize their life isn’t over. Death is no end to life.

god-1979750__340.jpgThey quickly see flashbacks of their lives and situations they were in where they could’ve done something different. They begin to understand the reasoning for these experiences. This is like a review of their life.

Spirits have the same type of personality here as in the spiritual life. You bring your same behaviors and mindset with you. If you are a jokster, you will be a jokster. 🙂

As said before, your spirit has a life long journey that you continue to learn from and grow.

From my readings, I have learned that spirits have many jobs to do. Some are guides, teachers, healers, nurses, greeters, etc. When we pass over we are greeted by large amounts of loved ones. It looks euphoric and beautiful. When they are ready, they are given their job to assist other spirits or help the souls here on Earth.

clouds-__340.jpgMany of us have heard when a person is going through the process of death they will see family members and close friends that have passed by their bedside. I have been a hospice nurse and have experienced this numerous times.

Society has blamed this phenomenon on pain medication they may be taking but this is not true. I had several patients that were on zero medications and stated they saw deceased family members and close friends in their room in their final days of life.

They passed without any pain or discomfort. These special spirits arrive to help them comfortably cross over.

All spirits want to attend their own funeral and see who arrives. Some have been known to play little tricks at the service and flicker the lights. At my son’s viewing when the place was at its highest capacity, the lights flickered. I knew it was him.

The news media said at Barbara Bush’s service the lights flickered there too. Pretty neat!

ghost-1280683__340.jpgSome spirits linger around Earth if they need to know something or are confused about their passing. This can happen when a person is murdered, a traumatic unexpected death occurred, and suicide.

If the spirits life was taken by murder, they may hang around to assist with getting the criminal convicted.

They are able to cross over anytime but feel they have a job to do. Guides will help them and try to get them to cross sooner.

Spirits may stay around to comfort family members and close friends.

Immediately after my son passed, I asked friends and family to please pray for him, not me! Pray for him to cross over. Tell him it’s OK and that we will be OK. I worried about him sticking around too long and becoming an earthly spirit.

He was always so concerned with people’s happiness. It was his beautiful soul!

depression-1250870__340.jpgSuicide victims will require a great deal of love and compassion with their spirit guides. Some people believe when a person takes their life they will not cross over. I do not believe this at all. The spirit is not destroyed from suicide. It remains the same.

What this spirit takes with him/her, is the pain and hurt they had here on earth. When they realize what they did, they become deeply saddened just as they were here. The spirit healers and teachers step in to help this unhappy spirit and aid him in removing the remorseful feelings. This may take some time.

Two days after my son passed, he visited a friend in her dream. His friend had recently lost her Dad. Chase was very close to her father. Her father said that Chase was his favorite friend she brought around.

man-3296652__340.jpgIn her dream she said:

“Everything was completely white, I cannot describe it any other way. For a few moments we walked and he said we needed to sit and talk. He told me it was very important that I tell you (meaning Chase’s girlfriend) that he loves you so much, it was forced, like “You have to tell Becca that I love her so much, you need to tell her to not be sad that I will always love her. He told me he saw my dad but cannot be with him yet and with ‘the others’ because he can’t get there yet… He said he was very happy that I could get to see him where he was… He said I needed to tell his sister ‘not to think like that’ and that he also loves her so much.”

As awesome and intense as this was, I was very disturbed. What did that mean that he couldn’t be with the others, not yet? I wanted desperately to know if my son passed over.

Thank goodness for my readings because I soon learned about how they will attend their funeral and possibly hang around for a bit after they pass to provide emotional comfort to loved ones.

At Chase’s burial service towards the end, it was getting a little warm outside. There hadn’t been any breeze that afternoon. It was quite stagnant!

All of a sudden, after Amazing Grace was beautifully sang, a huge, strong gust of wind began to blow for several minutes. I knew it was Chase. The funeral director told me later on that she said, “Thank you, Chase!”

nature-heaven_340.jpgI feel this is when he crossed over.

There is so much to learn about the after life. It is incredible, beautiful, and amazing! We are silly not to explore and educate ourselves on this subject. Can you imagine if you passed over and constantly tried to get your loved one’s attention and they never realized it was you? That would be awful.

I am so grateful I have opened my mind to this realm of life. I have so much more to offer on this subject. Open your hearts and mind and begin learning about the afterlife. We are all spirits!


I encourage all comments and would love to hear any unique experiences or beliefs you have below.



4 thoughts on “Do Spirits Exist

  1. Hi Kristy, during my brothers memorial service, my step father got up to speak and he was saying how my mom had two beautiful children whom she loved equally and out of nowhere a loud clap of thunder appeared. Of course we all laughed and everyone looked and me and I stood up and said……I know Scott, you were always moms favorite. I 100% believe he did that to break up the seriousness as he was also quite the prankster!

    1. Yes that was him! How cute! They say they keep their humor and personality when they pass. He was letting you all know he was there.. and that he was indeed the favorite 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. I have read so many books on this subject and I am so curious and interested what happens to us when we pass. So much goes on.. it’s amazing and incredible. It’s almost like another life just not tangible.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!


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