Healing With Natural Oils

When you smell something that gets your attention whether it is a fragrant flower, powerful freshly cut herb, or a squeeze of an orange, you are experiencing the organic oils coming from parts of the plant or fruit.

These oils are found in flowers, roots, stems, bark, leaves, seeds, etc, many parts of the plant. These scents have a profound effect on our emotions and can instantly alter a mood.

As we know, natural essential oils are becoming an alternative to medicine and people are learning the powerful benefits from healing with natural oils. Essential oils are also used for medicinal purposes, mental health benefits, preparing foods, cleaning products, pet products, etc. These therapeutic benefits from these wonderful oils have been around and used for many years.


People use these oils in aromatherapy by diffusing small drops in water, some are ingested for organic wonderful health benefits, and some are made topically for the skin. Be sure to read the label before swallowing anything!

These oils are made from nature which, to me, is a form of natural healing. Anything involving nature enriches and soothes the soul. When we smell something aromatic, strong, and powerful, it creates a calming and relaxing charge to our psyche.

Natural essential oils are a great alternative for anyone suffering sadness, depression, grief, divorce, PTSD, postpartum, anxiety, loneliness, etc.

So how does this work?

lemon-oil-906141__340.jpgNatural essential oils are compounds made from organic molecules found in plants that quickly change from a solid to a liquid state to a gas in room temperature. As soon as you open up a bottle you get a strong powerful scent, very potent. This is why only a few small drops of the essential oil is needed for various purposes.

There are over 3000 aromatic compounds so far today. Just like gardening and growing plants, these oils change depending on the environment where the plant is grown.

Many factors produce these compounds: the weather, geographic location, watering, season, etc. This makes it crucial to distill the plant correctly every step of the way to promote the best quality for the product.

We have seen a vast price range in these oils. I think I found them ranging from $6 to $150 for a bottle. So what is the difference in this price fluctuation?

essential-oils-sunflower-2536337__340.jpgThe delicate nature of the growing makes the method of distillation very critical. Every step of the process determines the product’s quality. The way I understand this is like making beer or wine. It’s a step by step process and each one is important to the overall product.

The process of making a natural essential oil is, of course, science but mostly a work of art. Experienced users of essential oils will instantly know the difference in an oil that was produced with superior quality to create a pure, therapeutic, effective, natural and safe product.

If a plant is processed incorrectly it can destroy the aromatic compounds which will alter the essential oil. Some companies use a heat or steam distillation which will not produce a product that will support health and wellness.

The proper way to distill the plant is called expression or cold pressed. There is no heat involved and instead, the oil is extracted under mechanical pressure. The best method!

lemon-oil-906141__340.jpgWhen choosing the perfect essential oil, it is important to know these traits so you are not disappointed. Look for essential oils that are tested using the strict Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, CPTG.

Be sure to know how the company harvests the plant. There is a perfect time for the plant to be harvested for ideal extraction and efficacy. This takes time and patience.

How Can an Essential Oil Help with Depression, Stress, and Anxiety?

When we smell something, the aroma goes directly to our brain and an emotional trigger is responded. This response sends a message of pleasure, pain, danger, or safety which of course instantly affects our mood. Every day scents are very powerful to our day to day living and can create a huge impact on our emotions. This makes sense!

Clinical trials have been performed and proven that essential oils elevate the mood.

In 2008 a study was conducted with 58 patients on hospice. The patients received a massage for one week once a day using a blend of essential oils with sweet almond oil. These patients reported less pain and depression than the other patients.


Bergamot –

Bergamot Oil is a refreshing oil that instantly uplifts the spirit helping with feelings of depression and sadness. It creates an energetic joyous feeling. A study done in Thailand reported that bergamot reduced anxiety in rats.

Another study was done in 2011 on people and their blood pressure, heart rate, calmness, mood, and alertness was tested. After mixing essential oil Bergamot with essential oil Lavender, the control group had significant reduction in the physical and emotional level.

Lavender –

Lavender has a very calming effect on the mind and is a great cure-all. The benefits of lavender oil are to help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, and nervousness. It has had positive effects with headaches and migraines.

A study was done by the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice and reported that an 80mg capsule of lavender essential oil alleviated depression and anxiety. Lavender has also had great results when used daily helping postpartum depression and PTSD.

Roman Chamomile –

Chamomile is a very popular ingredient in candles and aromatherapy products and is one of the best herbs for promoting calmness and fighting stress. It is used for diffusion, an inhalant, and topically.

A study was done by Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and Pharmacognosy Review and the results were that inhaling the vapors of chamomile is recommended as a natural anxiety and depression remedy.

Wild Orange –

Wild Orange is a citrus oil that has an energizing, uplifting, refreshing effect on the mood. It aids in calming feelings of anger, panic, nervousness, and irritability. It has countless uses for the mind, body, and home. It is a best seller!

Ylang Ylang –

Ylang Ylang is known to have immediate instant results when gently breathed in that diminishes depression, anger, and anxiety and increases your mood. It has a mild sedative effect that lowers stress levels. Rubbing it on the palms and feet have reduced stress levels. Diffusing Ylang Ylang will promote confidence, self-love, and a soothing mood.


There are many ways to use essential oils and we will begin with the basics. Each method produces a different benefit so when you understand what results you wish to have, you will know which method is best.

  • Diffusion – a diffuser disperses the aroma throughout the room
  • Inhalation – inhaling essential oils brings an immediate well-being. You can place a drop on your pillow, simply open up the bottle and take a whiff, and there are bracelets and necklaces that slowly disperse the aroma.
  • Massage – a great way to promote relaxation. It has both benefits of massage and inhalation. The essential oil is added to the massage oil, be sure not to put it directly on the skin.
  • Baths – what a wonderful way to end your day. Mix some essential oils with Epsom salt, kosher salt, and baking soda for a wonderful spa bath at home. A great recipe is below.
  • Topically – the essential oil is mixed with a carrier oil and is topically used for minor cuts, abrasions, bites, scrapes, etc. The best place to apply the topical blend of your essential oil is the temple, back of the neck, behind the ears, abdomen, wrists, and bottom of your feet.

Bath Salt Recipes Essential Oil:

  • 2 cups Epsom Salt
  • 2 cups Kosher Salt
  • 1 cup Baking Soda
  • 10 Drops Bergamot
  • 10 Drops Lemon
  • 20 Drops Lavender



Using essential oils for the first time can get a little overwhelming. They must be used correctly to reap the best benefits and not to waste your oil. When you understand the basics, you are all set and can start mixing your own oils and following recipes. To get started, some essential accessories can aid you along the way.


Essential Oil diffusers slowly dispense the oil as a fine mist into the air. They are super easy to use and convenient. You will want one in every room.



Most essential oils are very potent to the skin and should be diluted with a carrier oil. Carrier oils like jojoba, almond and grapefruit oils allow you to safely dilute the essential oil without changing the potency so you will receive the same benefit. These carrier oils will also make your essential oils last longer.


Keeping your essential oils organized and together is not only safe but it will enhance the lifetime of the oil. It makes it easy for you to grab them when needed and they won’t break or fall off a shelf.



It is always wonderful to have these therapeutic oils at home so why not have some with you on vacation or traveling for work? The carrying case keeps them all together so they’re not thrown in with your makeup and toiletries.



These are great to have when you create your own blend. You can carry them in your purse, at work, at the gym, etc. Also the small spray bottles are wonderful gift ideas for friends and family. If you make organic cleaning products, the larger bottles will be great for you.



These tiny funnels are a must when making your own blends. They prevent spillage and waste hence, saving you money. They are designed to perfectly fit inside the little bottles.



The dropper or pippet make it very useful to retrieve the correct amount of oil when mixing. It also helps to not waste or spill any.



The bottles of essential oils look very similar and it is difficult to tell them apart at times. These labels are of various sizes, some go on top of the bottle, some will wrap around it. Whatever you prefer. These labels will keep you very organized.


Reference books are a must when learning about the wonderful benefits of essential oils and how to blend them. They provide tips on using the oils and carrier oils, dilution ratios, and great recipes.

When someone is suffering depression, battling grief, or overwhelmed with loneliness, it is hard to overcome it alone. I am a grieving Mom who is trying new things to heal my broken heart.

Nature has been a significant factor with my grieving. I love being around beautiful flowers, plants, and herbs. It does bring instant gratification. These baby steps will lead to bigger steps.

I hope you enjoy your lovely scents! Please leave a comment and share your favorite essential oil or recipe!

Big Hugs,


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