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I have learned so much since losing my son, it feels like a lifetime has occurred. There is so much I want to share with you about my spiritual journey in hopes that it may inspire you to pursue your own. This article is a beginning.

To start, I want to share what I have learned about us. We are all here together for one main reason and that is to positively fulfill the personal lesson or purpose we chose and to do it with love. My spiritual faith has grown tremendously these past two years and is still learning. I am vastly open to all kinds of beliefs and philosophies now. There are too many loving people to think they will be condemned because their belief isn’t the same as yours.

To me, not one religion or belief is correct. All beliefs have something to learn from. They all have one thing in common, the belief in a higher power, God. God is Love and Love is God. We are all here to love each other.

When my son passed over, I would not accept him to be gone. This stands today as well and will forever. I understand that part of the Grieving Process is Acceptance. I accept that his physical body is not here but he is still so alive and always with me. I feel him constantly. There is no doubt in the afterlife.

It makes me sad when people lose a loved one and because of what they have been told or taught, they feel the right thing to do is to move on. This is not good for the soul who has passed on nor the loved one who remains living. We need to keep them alive because they are alive. They are more alive than we are!

Our loved ones who have passed on help with our daily lives constantly.

When they cross over, they see what lesson we chose to conquer. They send us messages to guide us where we need to be. They want to help make our life the greatest it can be. They help us achieve the path we need to allow our soul to grow when we cross over.

Just as much as our loved ones help us, we help them too. If we are happy, they are happy. If we are unhappy, they go into overtime to cheer us up. The happier and more positive we are, the more inept we are to feel the universe working with us.

Some individuals and religions do not believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation does exist. Many people have experienced a Near Death Experience and have spoken about how it completely changed their lives. They have witnessed and experienced the other side and have learned that we are all here to love each other and help each other fulfill our divine purpose.

If our soul does not fulfill its purpose here on earth, it may come back again to achieve it. Many souls have come to earth over and over again to repeat the exact same lesson as before because they keep making the same mistakes. In order for your soul to move to a higher level in heaven, it must learn many lessons. Earth is the quickest way for a soul to learn.

There are several levels in heaven with the last level the highest and greatest. Our soul must fulfill all aspects of life, the easy and not so easy. The harder lesson we learn here on earth, the higher we advance. It takes many lifetimes to move forward. Heaven is full of spirit guides and teachers to assist our soul.

My soul evidently chose this tough life lesson of losing a child so I will learn everything I can to positively get through this so I will not have to repeat it. If we chose a challenging life lesson to learn, we must not let it make us a victim. We must conquer it and win from it.

Many people fall into a victim mentality and live their life feeling sorry for themselves. You often here them say “bad things always happen to me,” “I never have any luck,” etc. If you feel that way about your life, you will begin to believe it and it will happen. You are in charge of your life. Your thoughts create your path. Negative thinking is dangerous to your lives. Be careful.

We all have negative things happen to us. It is totally and completely up to you to stand back, assess your situation, and don’t let it control you. You control the situation and do everything you can to change the outcome into something positive. Remember, do you want to repeat this life?

In every situation, decision, challenge, etc, there are two sides that you can choose. You may assume I am going to say the right way or the wrong way. Nope. The two sides are love or fear. Think about this. Many times when we stress ourselves over a situation it is because we fear it. When you think about handling it with love instead, it changes everything and the outcome can make you a better person.

If you choose Fear, how will the outcome be? If you choose Love, how will the outcome be? Observe the difference. Always choose love. It makes life easier.

We can all make our lives better and anyone we encounter by simply trying to be a better person and more loving. The more you practice this, the more it will become your lifestyle. I am learning, I am aware, and I am trying. Let’s all make this life and world a better place for all! Choose Love!

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